Balmer Martial Arts

jujitsu finger lock

At Balmer Martial Arts you will learn martial arts based in self-defense to avoid, prevent and protect from violence.

  • Recognize and avoid risky situations
  • De-escalation and escape tactics
  • Physical self-defense techniques that work regardless of size

If you are considering martial arts for yourself or your child, stop by and check out our programs. The first class is free.

Our mission is to teach martial arts and positive social behavior in a safe and fun environment.

Our programs are self-defense based martial arts which offer some of the most effective techniques for controlling someone or ending an altercation quickly.

We are well trained and supported by international organizations that further the arts with research and shared learning.

Student safety is number 1. Class is taught in a controlled manner aligned to student's abilities and at a pace the student is comfortable at.

The best martial art is the one you stick with. Come by and give us a try!